2024 Journey Calendar

Together with our global conservation partners, Journeys With Purpose creates immersive hosted experiences in some of the wildest and most remote regions of the world. Woven around the mantra “remarkable people, projects and places, all with remarkable purpose“, our journeys help tell the tale of nature conservation and biodiversity protection in the face of adversity, connecting our guests to some of the most outstanding conservation leaders of our time, and offering an opportunity to engage with their pioneering projects firsthand. You can find our 2024 calendar of flagship journeys below.  

Daughters for Earth, Revealing the Power of Women is an immersive, female-only and female-led journey through Kenya, to explore the critical role of women in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises. We have partnered with Daughters for Earth, co-founded by Jody Allen, Zainab Salbi, Rachel Rivera and Justin Winters, who are championing and supporting female initiatives to mobilise women at the frontline of climate change.

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Creating the European Yellowstone

15th – 23rd June 2024

Step back in time during exploration of the primeval forests of the Carpathian Mountains, home to wolves, lynx, bears, beavers and bison. During hikes and horseback rides through wild flower meadows and deep wilderness, learn about the landscape from expert botanists, naturalists and wildlife scientists, and enjoy exquisite, classic Romanian fare. 

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Restoring the Scottish Highlands 

8th – 14th September 2024

Venture into the depths of the Scottish Highlands to explore the 23,000 acre Alladale Wilderness Reserve and experience rewilding in action.

Here, a dedicated team is working to restore habitats, balance ecosystems and bolster biodiversity whilst involving local communities, striving to create a harmonious utopia where nature and humans thrive. During golden eagle treks, informative talks and presentations and adventure activities and exploration, engage with the rewilding of Scotland’s vast and vital ecosystems.

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The Return of the Jaguar

29th September – 6th October 2024

Follow in the footsteps of the leading conservationists of our lifetime, Doug and Kristine Tompkins, on a journey to the the wilds of the Iberá Wetlands. Learn about the outstanding biodiversity from Fundación Rewilding Argentina’s leadership team as you explore the reserve by kayak, horseback and canoe, going in search of jaguar, giant anteaters, red-and-green macaws, and so much more. 

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Rewilding The Great Karoo

2nd – 8th November 2024

An intrepid exploration into the wilderness of the Great Karoo, to engage with its rare biodiversity, its history going back millennia and its breathtaking wildlife in the company of mother-daughter duo, Sarah and Isabelle Tompkins, and globally renowned ecologist and conservationist, Professor Graham Kerley. In an exclusive six night journey, discover the importance of this ecosystem, through the stories and experiences of the local people who are shaping its future during expertly guided game drives, wilderness walks, and female-led panel discussions. 

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The Stewards of Sri Lanka

23rd November – 1st December 2024

This is an eye opening journey of discovery, in partnership with Lanka Environment Fund and Conservation Collective, that reveals what is possible when dedicated local groups are given the opportunity to protect their natural environment and restore what has been lost. Hosted by Vinod Malwatte, Director of Lanka Environment Fund, this journey offers behind the scenes access to the conservation pioneers and change-makers catalysing action through their nature restoration initiatives across Sri Lanka; from marine conservation and habitat restoration to the creation of conservation corridors that help mitigate human / wildlife conflict. 

This experience and your involvement is a gateway to learn, unite and take action on the safeguarding of our planet, helping to shift the needle on the climate crisis whilst boosting local economic vitality.

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Discover Unknown Belize 

21st February – 1st March 2025

Experience Belize’s national character of environmental stewardship during an exploration of its three biomes. Learn about Maya Forest Trust’s invaluable wildlife corridor through the Selva Maya; track jaguar through dense tropical jungle alongside one of the world’s leading jaguar specialists; watch Scarlet Macaw fly overhead as you float down the Macal River in the company of FCD’s expert rangers; dive the shipwrecks now used for coral restoration as you learn about Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association’s adaptive management of the marine reserve. 

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Our news from across the globe

At a Glance: Fundación
Rewilding Argentina


…acres (or 750,000 hectares) of land protected.


…metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent sequestered.


…acres donated for new parkland creation.


This extraordinary wetland, the largest in Argentina, is home to 30% of the biodiversity in the country including endangered species such as the pampas and marsh deer, the maned wolf and grassland birds like the strange-tailed tyrant.

In 2005, what was to become one of the largest rewilding programs in the Americas was started, with the goal of restoring keystone species that had been extirpated from Iberá through hunting and habitat loss and were extinct in the region, the Province or, in some cases, the country. 

As the rewilding program developed, the cultural identity of Iberá began to recover alongside the ecosystems and natural processes, impacting a total population of 100,000 people who surround the park.

Today, Iberá stands as one of the world’s most successful ongoing conservation missions.