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From the depths of verdant jungles to the highest snow-capped peak and deepest coral reefs, read on to be inspired for your next experiential family adventure on land, sea, or from the air. 


A different pace of life…

Stretching across 900 hectares of protected primary and secondary forest between the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes in the northern region of Bijague, embrace life on a working cattle ranch and nature reserve in northern Costa Rica…

Morning begins with…

  • A delicious breakfast in the company of monkeys, who swing in the nearby branches, eating mangoes from the trees


While away the afternoon…

  • By tucking into fresh produce from the farm, prepared by an inventive local Costa Rican chef who will host an afternoon’s cookery class or foraging workshop


At dusk…

  • Explore a biological corridor, part of the surrounding forest reserve, in search of the endangered tapir as you assist a local biologist with their remarkable conservation work


Horseriding | Hiking Trails | Birdwatching | Mountain Biking | Fly-fishing | Rafting | Swimming | Visit Cloud Forest | Chocolate Workshops | Permaculture Classes

Ideal length: 5-7 nights

When to go: February-August and over the festive period

Price available upon enquiry: [email protected] 


A land untouched by time…

Trek into the vast primary forest of Kahuzi Biega National Park to seek one of the world’s last remaining groups of eastern lowland gorilla. A region of Africa with extraordinary ecological wealth, you’ll discover an abundance of biodiversity as you explore one of the last few wildernesses seemingly untouched by time…

Morning begins with…

  • A scenic journey to Kahuzi Biega National Park to trek the critically endangered eastern lowland gorilla. Coming into contact with these majestic primates as the play and browse in the undergrowth, you’ll marvel at the unique serenity of this incomparable encounter


While away the afternoon…

  • With a visit to one of Pole Pole Foundation’s (POPOF) community projects. POPOF is a grassroots NGO working to protect the remaining population of eastern lowland gorilla by working with the local communities through education and community development programmes


After dark…

  • Return to Bukavu to enjoy sundowners on the shores of Laku Kivu and a delicious dinner ahead of the next day’s adventure

Kayaking | Gorilla Trekking | Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary | Hot Springs | Spirulina Project | Tree Planting Project | Handicrafts Training Project For Poachers | Sewing Project | Nyungwe Community Project & Botanical Garden Tour

Ideal stay: 5-7 nights

When to go: Jan-Feb or May-September

Price available upon enquiry: [email protected]


A world of snow and ice… 

Venture far beyond the beaten track with a journey to Fljót Valley on the mountainous Troll Peninsula. Here, experience a getaway at once peacefully secluded and full of spirit, where the wild landscape allows for equally wild adventures..

Morning begins with… 

  • An adventure on snow or sea, with an intrepid skiing or sea kayaking excursion that will take you further still into the heart of your extraordinary surroundings


While away the afternoon…

  • In a geothermal-heated pool, an Isopad flotation tank or an outdoor Viking sauna to experience ethereal tranquility before the sky’s celestial lightshow


After dark…

  • Marvel at the spectacular colours of the Northern Lights from a remote setting with little to no light pollution and enjoy unprecedened access to this outstanding natural wonder


Hiking | Snowshoeing | Fat Biking | Ice Fishing | Snow Sledding | Cross Country Skiing | Horseback Riding | Whale Watching | Sea Kayaking | Surfing | Paddleboarding 

Ideal length: 3-5 nights

When to go: The best season to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is September-mid April

Price available upon enquiry: [email protected]


A conservation legacy…

Engage with the conservaion legacy within the Chacabuco Valley during exploration of its unique and biologically diverse ecosystems. From Andean condors and guanancos to pumas and huemals, stay alert for spectacular wildlife sightings as you explore the mountains, open plains and pampas of this dramatic landscape.

Morning begins with…

  • Wellness and serenity as you enjoy a hot brew in an outdoor hot tub, soaking up panoramic views over the stretching horizons


While away the afternoon…

  • During an action-packed bike ride over the varied terrain. With routes suitable for all intensities and fitness levels, you’ll relish the opportunity to cover greater distances and explore this spectacular landscape


After dark…

  • Tuck into a mouth-wateringly unique gastronomic experience featuring local produce and made in the Gaucho tradition, featuring differently seasoned meats and vegetables cooked with wood fire barbecues


Guided Hiking | Guided Mountain Biking | Self-guided Hiking | Self-guided Mountain Biking | Kayaking | High Mounain Ascents | Photography | Icefield Exploration | Catamaraning | Cave Paintings | Horseback Riding 

Ideal stay: 5-7 nights

When to go: The gaucho experience is available from November-April

Price available upon enquiry: [email protected]


To learn more about any of these extraordinary experiences, or to begin curating your own transformative family adventure in wild nature, contact one of our experts at [email protected] or via the form below.

Dig a little deeper…

Seven Worlds One Planet is a series of exclusive journeys offering first-hand engagement with leading restoration initiatives in the world’s wildest corners. A journey with purpose is an opportunity to discover, engage and realise the opportunities for nature restoration and local economic vitality from global conservation leaders.

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Our news from across the globe

At a Glance: Fundación
Rewilding Argentina


…acres (or 750,000 hectares) of land protected.


…metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent sequestered.


…acres donated for new parkland creation.


This extraordinary wetland, the largest in Argentina, is home to 30% of the biodiversity in the country including endangered species such as the pampas and marsh deer, the maned wolf and grassland birds like the strange-tailed tyrant.

In 2005, what was to become one of the largest rewilding programs in the Americas was started, with the goal of restoring keystone species that had been extirpated from Iberá through hunting and habitat loss and were extinct in the region, the Province or, in some cases, the country. 

As the rewilding program developed, the cultural identity of Iberá began to recover alongside the ecosystems and natural processes, impacting a total population of 100,000 people who surround the park.

Today, Iberá stands as one of the world’s most successful ongoing conservation missions.