Inspiring Experiences in Wild Nature

Journeys to Connect with Nature, Champion the Wild and Celebrate Conservation

Journeys With Purpose is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit
and share time with a celebrated global leader in nature conservation.

For the last quarter of a century, Tompkins Conservation, founded by Kristine and her late husband Doug Tompkins,
has been creating national parks and reintroducing wildlife on an unprecedented scale.
Indeed, Lisbet Rausing describes the Tompkins as “the greatest conservationists of our, or indeed any, era”.

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Samara Game Reserve, South Africa

Rewilding an entire landscape in the Great Karoo, South Africa’s magical heartland…


A Journey to the Interior

Experience The World’s Last Great Wilderness, with unique landscapes, distinctive ecosystems and cutting edge Climate Change science…


Făgăraș Mountains, Carpathia, Romania

Ecological restoration of forest and wildlife habitats in one of the most spectacular alpine landscapes
in the Carpathians…


Journeys With Purpose provides a series of immersive Hosted Experiences with inspirational leaders, truly extraordinary “People With Purpose”, created to inform and catalyse the celebration and advancement of nature conservation projects across the world.

These hosted experiences, based on a “Seven Worlds, One Planet” approach, are a global curriculum designed around the recovery and conservation of our natural world, with opportunities to participate and collaborate on restoring vibrant landscapes, biodiversity, wildlife and livelihoods. They are with the most ambitious, exciting and successful initiatives to protect and restore the diversity of nature and wildlife across our seven continents.

By experiencing these remarkable achievements of harmonising nature and communities, we can be inspired to protect, conserve and restore our natural world, and safeguard our own future – this is the mission of Journeys With Purpose.

“Every human life is affected by the actions of every other
human life around the globe. And the fate of humanity is tied to
the health of the planet. We have a common destiny.”

Kristine Tompkins, TED2020

Seven Worlds, One Planet

Once in a lifetime experiences for those who think beyond what is possible.

“Seven Worlds, One Planet” Hosted Experiences are designed to champion and celebrate nature conservation initiatives whilst giving guests a curated journey to connect with nature in a spectacular setting.

These experiences immersed in nature are amongst the most ambitious, exciting and successful initiatives to protect and restore the diversity of wildlife across our seven continents.

The series is hosted in partnership with Satopia Travel, as a global travel curriculum on the recovery and conservation of our natural world and the safeguarding of humankind’s own future.

Join Kristine Tompkins in a unique and privileged Conservation Experience at Iberá National Park, Argentina in 2022

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Further experiences in Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America coming soon…

Bespoke wild nature and rewilding conservation experiences throughout the world are available on request.


Journeys to Connect with Nature, Champion the Wild and Celebrate Conservation

Established on the premise of sharing with others the world’s leading nature conservation stories of our time, these are hosted experiences in wild nature around the globe – a celebration of extraordinary people, projects and places.

Journeys With Purpose was founded by Duncan Grossart, a zoology graduate and lifelong conservationist, with an unmatched love of nature, wilderness and travel. His career spans award-winning entrepreneurship through to travel and environmental causes.

Duncan is a fellow of the Zoological Society of London, Royal Geographical Society, Royal Society for Asian Affairs and Scientific Exploration Society, and a published photographer. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Duncan passionately believes in accelerating our re-engagement with the natural world, conserving landscapes and harmonising lives and prosperous communities.

He joins as a co-host for each experience, and shares its context in relation to other leading conservation projects throughout the world.

JWP has joined the Campaign for Nature to conserve at least 30% of our planet in its natural state by 2030.

Field Report
Field reports, experiences, news and interviews from around the world coming soon…

“I hope that whoever sees this gets the message that these things don’t happen on their own.
Everybody has to get out of bed every day and do something meaningful that has nothing to do with themselves, to protect those things you love. You have to jump into the fray, you have to get really serious about spending or investing a portion of your life, doing something that sees you becoming an activist, a defender, raising an army, to protect the natural world.
You have to be inspired by people, but you also have to just want it on your own…”

Kristine Tompkins, Tompkins Conservation

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