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"You Can't Protect A Place Unless You Understand It. You Can't Love It Until You Know It"

Kristine Tompkins, Co-Founder of Tompkins Conservation



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Our Flagship series, Seven Worlds One Planet, is a journey of discovery through the world's most exciting and ambitious conservation projects. These offer unrivalled access and are personally hosted by the pioneers behind the project - a transformative immersive learning experience.


Let our team of impact travel specialists craft a meaningful travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary - while leaving a positive impact on the people and places, in equal measure.

One million species are on the brink of extinction due to the twin existential crisis: climate change and biodiversity loss.

We believe humanity can solve this crisis.  We have experienced remarkable people doing remarkable things for the one another and the planet.  Yet, humankind has become disconnected from nature, from one another and from ourselves.

Committed to our philosophy that travel should be a force for good, we create journeys for experiential learning in the world’s most exciting and ambitious conservation projects in order to unite social entrepreneurs, activists and changemakers in global climate solutions. 

We design our journeys to open eyes and broaden perspectives – through firsthand engagement with conservation success stories, we shift from thinking with the head, to thinking with the heart.  This is when change occurs. 

Join a communiy who seek to ‘lean in’ and contribute to the preservation of our natural world. Our vision is a world where all life thrives.

revealing the power of women elephant kenya

Revealing the Power of Women
Kenya, Africa
20 - 31 March 2024

Discover Europe’s Great Wilderness
Carpathia, Romania
15 - 23 June 2024

The Stewards of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, Asia
25 November - 1 December 2024

jaguar rewilding ibera national park

The Return of the Jaguar
Ibera Wetlands, Argentina
29 - 6 October 2024

The Land of the Cheetah
The Great Karoo, South Africa
2 - 8 November 2024

From Mountain Ridge to Coral Reef
Belize, Central America
21 February - 1 March 2025

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At a Glance: Fundación
Rewilding Argentina


…acres (or 750,000 hectares) of land protected.


…metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent sequestered.


…acres donated for new parkland creation.


This extraordinary wetland, the largest in Argentina, is home to 30% of the biodiversity in the country including endangered species such as the pampas and marsh deer, the maned wolf and grassland birds like the strange-tailed tyrant.

In 2005, what was to become one of the largest rewilding programs in the Americas was started, with the goal of restoring keystone species that had been extirpated from Iberá through hunting and habitat loss and were extinct in the region, the Province or, in some cases, the country. 

As the rewilding program developed, the cultural identity of Iberá began to recover alongside the ecosystems and natural processes, impacting a total population of 100,000 people who surround the park.

Today, Iberá stands as one of the world’s most successful ongoing conservation missions.