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Murmuration of birds in nature
Our learnings from our event at Thyme, Gloucestershire, with Isabelle Tompkins of Samara and ornithologist Dr. Olly Fox.
Our learnings from our event at Estelle Manor on 'What is Rewilding' with Ben Goldsmith and Duncan Grossart.
Being able to experience a truly wild family holiday is a bucket-list adventure for most, but can require a little more forethought when planning. This article, and the expertise of our specialist team, is aimed to take the guesswork out of taking your kids on safari so you can look forward to enjoying a memorable family vacation.
Tim Chester travels to Argentina for AFAR Magazine to engage with Fundación Rewilding Argentina's conservation firsthand.
This year has been marked by scientists as the ‘Year of the Aurora’. Discover where and when to witness the enchanting northern lights.
Our journey to Kenya with Daughters for Earth enabled us to learn from and witness the remarkable conservation work by women in Kenya.
We are delighted to be recognised by Travel + Leisure in their Global Vision Awards and A List for 2024.
Meet the female leaders at the forefront of Belize's conservation efforts as they take us on a journey of discovery from ridge to reef.
Learn about Acción Andina's reforestation efforts in the Peruvian Andes and my experience of a tree planting festival with local communities.


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At a Glance: Fundación
Rewilding Argentina


…acres (or 750,000 hectares) of land protected.


…metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent sequestered.


…acres donated for new parkland creation.


This extraordinary wetland, the largest in Argentina, is home to 30% of the biodiversity in the country including endangered species such as the pampas and marsh deer, the maned wolf and grassland birds like the strange-tailed tyrant.

In 2005, what was to become one of the largest rewilding programs in the Americas was started, with the goal of restoring keystone species that had been extirpated from Iberá through hunting and habitat loss and were extinct in the region, the Province or, in some cases, the country. 

As the rewilding program developed, the cultural identity of Iberá began to recover alongside the ecosystems and natural processes, impacting a total population of 100,000 people who surround the park.

Today, Iberá stands as one of the world’s most successful ongoing conservation missions.