Spekboom: The Carbon-Sequestering Plant in Africa’s Great Karoo

Drone image of spekboom in South Africa

Over the course of 25 years, the Tompkins family have worked on a variety of successful restoration projects at Samara Karoo, but this “miracle plant” has turned out to be the one of the most effective carbon-sequestering schemes they could have possibly imagined.

Ecosystem of the Făgăraș Moutains

Forming one of the most spectacular alpine landscapes in the Romanian Carpathians, the Făgăraș Mountains are home to some of Europe’s ecologically most valuable, unfragmented woodlands, harbouring the continent’s most significant biodiversity.

Rewilding the Iberá Wetlands

Rewilding the Iberá Wetlands conservation travel

A story of passion and purpose as husband-and-wife team Doug and Kristine Tompkins sought to restore the Iberá wetlands to their natural state and return endangered species back to their habitats, developing one of the most ambitious rewilding programmes in the Americas.