With Purpose

"The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved."

– Richard Rogers

Journeys With Purpose provides immersive Hosted Experiences with inspirational leaders, extraordinary “People With Purpose”. Our mission: to catalyse the celebration and advancement of nature conservation projects across the world.


Our mission is to offer transformative journeys based on the model of ‘Seven Worlds One Planet’. We provide unparalleled opportunity for our guests to discover conservation action of pioneering projects run by people with purpose. Our leading, bespoke experiences take guests to witness the majestic jaguar in the Ibera Wetlands of Argentina with Kris Tompkins and Rewilding Argentina, the wolves, bears and lynx in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania with Foundation Conservation Carpathia, Kenya’s Great Karoo in the Samara Conservation Reserve, home to lions, zebras, giraffes, leopards and more, the unrivalled wildflower meadows and behemoth bison of Great American Prairie with Sean Gerrity, the rewilding success story of the Scottish Highlands and many more wild wonders of this world.

These hosted experiences, based on a “Seven Worlds, One Planet” approach. They are a global curriculum designed around the recovery and conservation of our natural world. Discover opportunities to participate and collaborate on restoring vibrant landscapes, biodiversity and livelihoods. Our mission is to provide unparalleled access to the most ambitious, exciting and successful initiatives protecting and restoring nature across our seven continents.


Experience remarkable achievements of harmonising nature and communities. Be inspired to protect, conserve and restore our natural world, and safeguard our own future. This is our mission at Journeys With Purpose.

"Together, if we harness the very best of humankind and restore our planet we will protect it for our children, for our grandchildren and for future generations to come."

HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Our Team

Duncan Grossart

Journeys With Purpose was founded by Duncan Grossart, a zoology graduate and lifelong conservationist. Duncan has an unmatched love of nature, wilderness and travel. His career spans award-winning entrepreneurship through to travel and environmental causes.

Duncan is a fellow of the Zoological Society of London, Royal Geographical Society, Royal Society for Asian Affairs and Scientific Exploration Society, and a published photographer. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Duncan passionately believes in accelerating our re-engagement with the natural world, conserving landscapes and harmonising lives and prosperous communities. He joins as a co-host for each experience, and shares its context in relation to other leading conservation projects throughout the world.

Venetia Martin

Venetia joined JWP as Partnerships Director in February 2022. She contributes her knowledge and passion for nature-based and social impact travel specifically in Latin America, having lived in Buenos Aires and Costa Rica, and spent much time travelling the continent. She went to school in Lesotho, a small country within South Africa, and was involved in community projects. These spanned Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa and inspired her to turn her focus to Latin America where she continues to form relationships with local projects.

From a home base between London and Mallorca, Venetia is responsible for crafting travel experiences for the JWP community which leave a positive impact on them and the places they visit, in equal measure.


Our mission: deliver transformative journeys based on the Seven Worlds, One Planet model. 

The Field Report

At a Glance: Fundación
Rewilding Argentina


…acres (or 750,000 hectares) of land protected.


…metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent sequestered.


…acres donated for new parkland creation.


This extraordinary wetland, the largest in Argentina, is home to 30% of the biodiversity in the country including endangered species such as the pampas and marsh deer, the maned wolf and grassland birds like the strange-tailed tyrant.

In 2005, what was to become one of the largest rewilding programs in the Americas was started, with the goal of restoring keystone species that had been extirpated from Iberá through hunting and habitat loss and were extinct in the region, the Province or, in some cases, the country. 

As the rewilding program developed, the cultural identity of Iberá began to recover alongside the ecosystems and natural processes, impacting a total population of 100,000 people who surround the park.

Today, Iberá stands as one of the world’s most successful ongoing conservation missions.