In Conversation With: Conserving Carpathia

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In a rewarding conversation between Isabella Tree and Christoph and Barbara Promberger, founders of Conservation Carpathia, we learnt gained an insight into the work of restoring the southern Carpathians – here we share our key learnings.

Conserving Carpathia

If you’ve been following our Carpathia series, you will have heard us talk about the vast array of biodiversity that Romania has to offer and how this sits at the core of restoration efforts of our partners at Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

Journey to Romania: Creating the European Yellowstone

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At the wild heart of Carpathia sit the Făgăraș Mountains. Cloaked in dense cloud that lifts as the sun rises to reveal snow-capped peaks and dense, lush-green forests these are some of the last remaining wild places in Europe.

Patagonia chooses planet over profit

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In a move that has shocked and inspired the fashion industry and sustainability advocates alike, founder of fashion retailer Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard has announced that he is giving the company away to a charitable trust.

Notes from the field – Carpathia, Romania – August 2022

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It’s no secret that this summer has been a record-breaker when it comes to droughts, wildfires and high temperatures all generated by anthropogenically accelerated climate change. These conditions have had detrimental effects across Europe, and our partners at Foundation Conservation Carpathia are no exception as we discovered from a recent update from their teams on the ground.

Rewilding Argentina, An Interview With Emilio Donadio

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Emilio Donadio is the Science Director at the Fundación Rewilding Argentina and oversees the reintroduction of species in the Iberá Wetlands reserve. Argentina is one of the South American countries which has lost the most wildlife due to deforestation and pollution. As such, it has the unique opportunity to become a global leader in rewilding.  […]