A Guide to the Northern Lights

This year has been marked by scientists as the ‘Year of the Aurora’. Discover where and when to witness the enchanting northern lights.


Kenya VIEW AVAILABLE JOURNEYS BIOMES Montane forestGrasslandSavannahDesertFreshwaterOcean EXPERIENCES FamilyHoneymoonLuxuryIntrepidWellnessCulinaryPhotographyBirdwatchingMarineActiveCultural Conservation SPECIES WildebeestLionElephantLeopardGiraffeCheetahRhinoMasaai OstrichWild dogFlamingo BEST TIME TO VISIT June – October VISIT KENYA With the Masaai Mara’s sweeping plains and a coastline of azure Indian Ocean, Kenya has more than earned its reputation as the original, iconic safari destination. Couple superb game viewing with a […]

B Corp Impact Report 2024

Read our reflections from the past year and our exciting plans for the future in our annual B Corp Impact Report.


As a nation of just over 400,000 citizens with 36% of its land and 28% of its water already protected, Belize is a remarkable example of what can be achieved with a united, nationwide intent for environmental stewardship.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka VIEW AVAILABLE JOURNEYS BIOMES Tropical rainforestMontane forestGrasslandFreshwaterOcean EXPERIENCES FamilyHoneymoonLuxuryCulinaryPhotographyBirdwatchingMarineActiveCultural Conservation SPECIES Sri Lankan elephantLeopardSloth bearPurple-faced langurToque MacaqueIndian pangolinSri Lankan frogmouthCrocodileLoris BEST TIME TO VISIT November – April (south-west) February – September (north-east) VISIT SRI LANKA The ‘Teardrop of India’ is an uniquely shaped island in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Home to […]


Palau VIEW AVAILABLE JOURNEYS BIOMES Tropical rainforestGrasslandFreshwaterOcean EXPERIENCES FamilyHoneymoonIntrepidPhotographyBirdwatchingMarineCultural Conservation SPECIES Manta RayGreen sea turtlePalau flying foxPalauan fruit dovePalauan horned starMandarinfishCrocodilefishNapolean wrasseSharks BEST TIME TO VISIT December – April VISIT PALAU Palau is an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, an oasis of unique flora and fauna and outstanding biodiversity. Renowned for its pristine coral […]

Purposeful Ocean Safaris

Shining a light on key marine ecosystems around the world and their opportunities for under-water immersion.

Life-Affirming Travel Experiences

2024 is a year for purposeful travel; of setting intentions and feeling inspired. Read on for life-affirming travel experiences that will benefit both you and the places you visit.

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